St Luke's Community History Group

Where We Worked

Construction traffic  is a daily feature of South Islington . We have been looking at the  development of the new Tech Hub in Old Street and sharing stories of our working lives in the area. Members were treated to a visit of the White Collar Factory, a new style work-place on Old Street roundabout.The views  of our corner of London from the roof-top were amazing. Our members were  part of an earlier tech generation working  as operatives at the Clerkenwell  Telephone Exchange,  designing engineering  solutions to support post war local manufacturing innovations and getting to grips with the Tabulator - an early version computer so massive and heavy that it had to be based on the ground floor. Supporting young community historians We are helping Year 5 pupils from St John Evangelist  School to carry out their own local history research exploring public health in Islington. The young historians  interviewed members of St Luke’s Community History Group to find out what public healthcare was like in the days before the NHS. Discovering how local families managed when they had to pay directly to see a doctor  or to get medicines from the dispensary in Friend Street.



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