St Luke's Community History Group

A Day with Dickens

St Luke's Community History Group visited the Dickens Museum to find out more about the man who was writing about Finsbury over 150 years ago. Members all brought a friend or neighbour along to the museum to introduce newcomers both to the world of Dickens and to St Luke's Community History Group. New recruit, Sheila, said she loved the museum and despite living locally all her life had never visited or even been aware of the museum.   

 Members reading Dickens Times

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 The Charles Dickens Museum 

A Windy Day in Greenwich 

A hardy group took the river bus to windy Greenwich and enjoyed a fascinating tour of the Painted Hall designed by Christopher Wren and described as the "London's Sistene Chapel". It took JamesThornhill 19 years to decorate the hall and he didn't forget to add a selfie painting including his tools of the trade.

Hearing about the wonderful banquets hosted in the hall made us hungry so we headed to the Fan Museum- famous for lovely teas and some rather nice fans!

Lambeth Palace



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