St Luke's Community History Group

St Luke’s Community History Group was established in 2006 to explore the history of Finsbury - a unique corner of London and home to most of our members.

What we do

  • Explore local archives, libraries and museums
  • Undertake joint projects with local community groups, residents and tenants groups, day centres and schools
  • Promote an awareness of the history of St Luke’s area and the achievements of the local community
  • Explore the changing nature of the population to get a better understanding of different communities living in the area
  • Carry out local history research projects
  • Organise local history walks

All our activities are free! 

Sharing our stories with young people 

© St Luke's Community History Group 2019

St Luke's Community History Group members contributed to the design and production of the local history mural at Toffee Park Youth Centre 

 Members complete training with the Oral History Society

John Finn Local History Guide tells us about the history of St Luke's Parish

Coronation display, Islington Museum


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